Bull by the Horns

You think you got problems? Try being a bulldog with no nuts.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mission Accomplished

As you may have heard, A.R.F. has successfully obtained the release of the Oregon-Five. While most of the details have not been cleared for release (that is, until the movie deal is closed), I would like to make the following comments.

First, I’d like to extend great thanks to Ayatollah Mugsy, who’s spiritual guidance allows our troops to reach their true potential.

As for the mission details, the rescue operation was one of Mock and Paw. Mock and Paw, technically known as rapid ego dominance, is a military doctrine based on the use of overwhelming calm-aggressive force, dominant ego awareness, annoyingly dominant canine behavior, and spectacular displays of snobbery to paralyze an adversary's perception of the battlefield and destroy its will to fight.

The A.R.F. commando unit assembled for this task performed their duties with perfection. On behalf of the A.R.F., I sincerely thank you for your loyalty, bravery and hard work.

Cleveland’s calm-aggressiveness was truly a force to be reckoned with. Even Cesar Millan would have been quivering in submission. Wintson’s application of superior ego leaves no doubt that the enemy is still piddling in humiliation. And, Braxton – who unleashed what must have been the most vicious and uninhibited barrage of annoyance that I have ever witnessed – both proved the shocking effectiveness of Ayatollah Mugsy's Youth Indoctrination Camp Training and solidified his position as one of A.R.F.’s most brilliant and ruthless tacticians.

It is my honor to congratulate Winston, Cleveland and Braxton for a job well done.

Since we safely and successfully returned home, I’m happy to announce that the alert level has been lowered from chartreuse back to pewter and that this evening’s obedience training has been cancelled to make time for some celebration. A special A.R.F. meal has been prepared. Cadets may have their choice of Jerky (Teriyaki or Regular), with cottage cheese, and a side of bacon. Following the meal will be a brief ceremony and autograph signing for the media and general public – followed by a charity fundraiser for Mugsy’s Indoctrination Camp enrollment scholarships.

Those interested in competing in the Tug-o-War or 7-Legged Race should sign up below.

Crash and Burn

We are experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Undisclosed Location

"Hello - You have reached Brody the Bulldog of the Armed Revolutionary Forces. I'm sorry I can't answer your call right now, as I am currently airborne, circling indefinitely, in light of the emergency hostage situation and crackdown on canine nationalism. Please leave a message after the beep.


Detainee Intelligence Report

A.R.F. Intelligence has uncovered the following information regarding the identification of the canine detainees currently being held at the Doggonamo Detention Center in Eugene, Org.

Sources indicate that there are actually 6 canines involved, however as of yet, their names are unknown.

In addition to being accused of taking revenge on Oklahoma-Oregon referees, four of the hostages are alleged to have traveled to China in late 2001 with the intent of getting to Afghanistan to organize a rawhide smuggling ring. Unfortunately, no information has been uncovered regarding the background or identity of the fifth detainee.

The sixth canine, who is the ex-wife of one of the hostages, allegedly wired kibble funds to her ex-husband to support the group's efforts - and is currently at large, but possibly hiding out in the area of where the other five were originally arrested.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dental Hygiene

Mom and Dad got it in their heads that it would be fun to brush my teeth. Last time I checked, getting a head lock and proding a plastic thumble with bristles into my mouth isn't anyone's idea of a good time... Can you guys just give me a Greenie and get it over with?!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Com-pu-tor yip yip yip uhhh-huh

I remember, back when I was a pup, my folks would teach me new things every day. This is a 'frying pan'. These are 'car keys'. This is 'the vacuum'. I'm sure they wanted me to grow up to be a well rounded and social guy. You know the deal.

However, I'll never forget the first time they showed me the internet. I was amazed and I knew immediately how important it would be and how much fun it would be to sniff and drool on. It was such a special moment - I'm sure I'll never forget it.

That's why I was so excited to stumble upon this video of two pups discovering a computer for the first time. I'm not sure what breed they are - but you can tell just how excited they are.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I've got Good News & Bad News

Which do you want first?

I hope you said 'Bad News' because... my digital camera is messed up!

The LCD screen stopped working. Phooey. I hope this won't have a negative impact on my photography skillz. My face is smooshed flat, so peering through the little view finder thingy shouldn't be too bad. Of course, half of the fun of having a digital camera is gone... since I can no longer see my shots as soon as I click'em. Anyhow, I'm making my camera stay in bed for a few days - in the hopes that it gets better.

The Good News is that my blog was selected as dogmark's "Cool Dog Site of the Day" for September 8th!

Dogmark also has a "Cool Dog Site of the Month" Award - but we'll have to wait until September ends before they'll accept votes for September's sites. But don't worry - In October, I'll remind you to go vote for your favorite.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Salty Dog

As promised, here are more photos from my long week end at the Beach and Spa! Enjoy

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Forget WEB surfing...


I'm going to the Dog Beach today! With the Pant-o-meter on full tongue, this is good news. Afterwards, I'll hit the Spa for a double dose of relaxation.

Sounds like a busy day... hope I have the energy...

Mom says I'm gonna be a speed bump on the living room floor. Dad says that's ok, since that's what I'm designed for anyways.

This photo is from last time I went to the dog beach - but I'll be sure to take more photos today and post them soon.

Stay cool everyone - and have a good Labor Day Weekend!