Bull by the Horns

You think you got problems? Try being a bulldog with no nuts.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Holiday! From Brody the Reindog

Monday, December 18, 2006

Bully Recruitment

Due to the dire situation of the canine revolution being without a spiritual guide, I took it upon myself to attend the West Los Angeles Bulldog Meetup at Veterans Park and find new recruits to beef up security as enemies of the canine state might try to undermine our authority. At a not so secret location behind the swing set, gathered the best and brightest new recruits that a Supreme Commander could hope for. Granted, some have not reached their full bulldog circumference I guaranteed them that they'd be a part of the strongest fighting force in the world, spending their days training, working and serving together to protect Canine freedoms. They'd be educated to win the hearts and minds of all humans by offering your belly as a medium of peace and advance the canine agenda of universal access to table food.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holiday Preparations

I had spent most of last week end motivating Grandpa and Grandma to get off thier hineys and finally get a tree. I made a detailed inspection of the spruce to make sure it was suitable to be propped along side grandpa's gargantuan TV. All the ornaments and lights had to be inspected as well.

At one point, mom, mistook me for the tree--I gave her the evil eye until she finally took the bow off.

In the end, the tree turned out well. It'll provide good shade for all those tech gadgets I've been druling over.

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Long Lost Celebrity Child?

Humm...this magazine cover really explains my ravishing good looks and my naturally puckered lips.

Monday, December 04, 2006

That's Just How We Roll

Watch out for the next big stud on the rise: Meaty the bulldog from the MTV show "Rob and Big"
Meaty has a pro-skateboarder dad and a large and incharge, personal bodyguard. Meaty is now living the high life as he jets sets to his new home from Arizona to big city lights of LALALand. They tour around Hollyhood, party like rock stars, and eat a whole lot of chicken wings...sounds like my kind of crew.
There's a bit of drama now and then but Most of the show is about Meaty's stinky back end :)